The links below  will take you the shared OneNote file that I use for notes in class.  You will be able to see the notes from each day for your period.

Period 1 Notes

Period 3 Notes

The following  link will take you to DocuShare for Students.  You will be able to find assignments that you will be able to download and print at home.

Algebra Files

Below you will find some videos that may be good for review or if you need help with a specific skill. They are often not great at explaining the concepts behind the work, but should be helpful for the details!

Chapter 7 :: Solve & Apply Systems of Linear Equations

Chapter 8 :: Simplify Exponential Expressions & Evaluate & Graph Exponential Functions

Chapter 9 :: Perform Operations with Polynomials & Factor Polynomials

  • Brightstorm

Chapter 10 :: Explore & Graph Quadratic Functions & Solve Quadratic Equations

  • Brightstorm

Chapter 11 :: Simplify Radical Expressions & Model Functions

  • Brightstorm